Dauphin Island, Alabama




The Benefit Story

There is something to be said about the residents of Dauphin Island, AL. They live their lives in a way many of us can only dream of; spending their days by the beach, enjoying the fresh salt air, and a cool ocean breeze. However, it has been a fight to survive the past 15 years. In 2005, Mother Nature released her anguish causing immense damage to homes, and the geography of the island with Hurricane Katrina. In 2010, the Deep Water Horizon oil spill decimated fisheries, wildlife, and halted tourism. Just when things started to recover, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic occurred. Beaches, businesses, fisheries closed for months. The Island, unlike many areas, knows what it’s like to rebuild, and their residents are proving it again.

A local business, SickleFin, was finalized during the Quarantine of 2020. Its owners attempted to remain calm to weather the storm while their fleet remained in safe harbor. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, there just seemed to consistently be negative news because of the worlds “new normal.” The announcement came from The Town of Dauphin Island in April, about cancelling the fireworks display in July. They had decided to cancel the fireworks and some other hometown events due to financial and health concerns.

The fireworks represent so much more than just something to enjoy watching. 2020 will be the 244th year since our nation adapted the Declaration of Independence. Joyous and exciting, it is a day to always be celebrated for our great nation. July 4th also allows us to all come together; build community bonds, boost morale, and benefit local businesses. During these trying times, SickleFin concluded Dauphin Island needed fireworks.

And so the story of SickleFin’s Boomin’ Benefit began. Taking the opportunity to do more for the local communities, a “Fill The Boat” campaign was created. This will take place in front of the Public Beach before the fireworks, and all donations will benefit local area food banks. The fireworks are no cost to the public, but SickleFin is asking all spectators to bring a non-perishable food item to Fill The Boat. Please keep in mind expired food is unable to be distributed.

WAys To Donate