Are Fishing License Included?

Yes. While you are aboard any of our vessels, your fishing license falls under our charter permit.

What kind of weather do you cancel for?

Safety is our number one priority, other than you catching fish, so we are very cautious. We use multiple weather applications and outlets to make the best judgment. We do not fish in any sort of large weather event like a tropical depression, hurricane, tornado warnings, etc. We not fish during thunderstorms producing large amounts of lightening. We attempt to avoid fishing when there are strong gusts of wind, as this has a direct effect to the wave height and type.

What fish can I catch/what fish are in season?

The Gulf of Mexico is regulated for when, where, and size of certain species may be kept. Go to this link: which will provide up to date information for the time of year, minimum/maximum sizes, and bag limits to find out more about what type of fish you can expect on your trip.

Do you sell SickleFin gear I can bring home with me?

YES. Our gear is available on . You may purchase your shirt ahead of your trip, click “pickup at SickleFin” at checkout, and your shirt will be waiting for you at the trip. Additionally, they can be shipped throughout the USA. We try to have our items available for purchase after your trip as well, but we can’t guarantee we’ll have them in stock at the dock.

Can I bring my own rod and reel?

We completely understand if you have a lucky rod and reel you’d like to bring with you. You are more than welcome to bring your personal rod and reel, but please be aware some of the tackle may need to be changed per federal guidelines, like only using circle hooks, depending on the target species.

We have 7 people, one is a child, do kids count towards the passenger requirement?

There are no exceptions for going over a 6 passenger limit. These are the Federal licenses we carry, and we do not bend the rules.

What if somebody gets seasick?

Unfortunately it happens. If you are prone to motion sickness make sure to take seasick preventatives. We allow you to make the decision whether or not to cut the trip short and return to the dock. If you choose to make that decision, you will be charged for the entire trip.

What is appropiate for tip and who do I tip?

Tips are split between the boat crew when given to the captain. If you feel a member of our crew made your trip extra memorable, feel free to tip each crew member individually. We recommend 20% of the total trip price for an appropriate tip; any and all tips are much appreciated.

What is the difference between State Permit and Federal Permit Red Snapper Charters?

The main difference between the two trips is the type of permit each vessel carries. State permitted vessels are only allowed to retain Red Snapper within 9 miles of shore, and they can only fish during open season in Alabama. Depending on how many fish are caught, the season can be short or long. Federally permitted vessels are only allowed to retain Red Snapper past 9 miles of shore, and can fish during the federal season. This is normally the months of June and July. On federally permitted trips, we have many more locations to catch fish, so you have better chances of getting a big one.

Some of the people in our group do not want to fish, is that okay?

Absolutely. We carry enough rods/reels, so everyone can fish all at once, but if someone would just like to take photos, look out at the scenery, etc. that is not a problem for us.

What type of shoes should we wear?

Your shoes will get wet, and possibly dirty. We ask for you to not wear any dark colored bottomed shoes, as they can leave marks on the boat. Keep in mind the boat can be slippery. Many times people are comfortable bare foot.

Is cleaning the fish included?

Yes. All of our pricing includes fish cleaning for whatever fish you retain.

What is your alcohol policy?

Hard alcohol is prohibited. Glass bottles are not allowed.

What is your smoking policy?

Smoking is prohibited. The use of e-cigarettes is allowed.

How much is fuel on a Tuna Trip?

We normally average somewhere between 350 and 450 gal per Tuna trip. You are charged the price per gal at the fuel pump for that day.

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