Gulf Shores Fishing Charter

Boats Departs From Fort Morgan Marina

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Available Year-Round

Have you always wanted to catch a tuna? Here's your chance! In just a 12 hour trip you'll have made your dream come true!



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Research Expedition

Available Year-Round Except 6/1/22 - 8/4/22

We’ll fish within 30 miles of land, and you’ll be able to reel-in your fish, name, and take photos before release.



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Federal Red Snapper

Available Oct. 15th - Nov. 6th 2021

Choose from 4 hour to all day Red Snapper Trips in Federal Waters. Head home with some delicious fillets!



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Sunset Cruise

Available Year-Round Except 6/1/21 - 8/4/21

Head to the lighthouse off of Dauphin Island, or just enjoy a fun ride in the waters off of Fort Morgan, AL.  Sometimes we see marine life as well!



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State Red Snapper

No Longer Available

We'll fish within 9 miles of land, and target red snapper. Only available during Alabama State Water Season. 



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Deep Drop

Available April 1st - Dec. 31st 2022

Choose from an 8/10/12 hour trip and head out to target deep water species. We'll use electric reels at depths upwards of 3000 feet. 



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Fishing Speedboat

SickleFin is Top Rated On All Review Sites 

Onslow Bay 33D
33' Onslow Bay

One of One

Our 33D is the only 33' inboard diesel ever made by Onslow Bay. Designed with a very open layout, she is a fishing machine.

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35' Marlago

Hey Look At That!

Designed with a cubby cabin, the Marlago has a tall railing on its bow. This area is one of the best for sight fishing.

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45' SeaHunter

Bigger is Better

The newest and largest center console in Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan's Charter fleet gives a new definition to luxurious fishing.

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