First Red Snapper Recovery 2021

We're thrilled to have our FIRST red snapper recovery! This fish was tagged in August of 2021 by a great family group who joined us for a research expedition!

TAG ID: GFR36972

SPECIES TAGGED: Snapper, Red (Lutjanus campechanus)

Fish Name: Gramps

This fish was 194 days at large before being recaptured and harvested.

When it was originally tagged it was measured to be: OVERALL LENGTH: 24 in MEASUREMENT TYPE: Measured TL (Total Length)


Upon harvesting the measurements were:

ESTIMATED SIZE & WEIGHT: 26.25 inches and 9.8 lbs.

Thank you to the Lunsford family for joining us and fishing for science!

Thank you to Captain Bennie for reporting the harvest, and providing additional scientific data!

For more information about Gray FishTag Research and this recapture please visit:

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