First Tagged Fish Recapture of 2021

We are thrilled to continue our partnership with worldwide nonprofit, Gray FishTag for 2021!

We became one of 11 worldwide official research centers in 2020. As fisherman we understand the necessity of conservation knowledge and data. Gray FishTag Research has set out to bridge the gap between professional fisherman and science.

After close to 100 tags deployed in 2020, we had our first recapture ever in January 2021.

This fish, Chandy 2, was originally caught on 12/11/20 and recaptured on 1/17/21 39 nautical miles away! This speckled trout travelled from the Chandeleur Islands of LA to a location near Bayou Le Batre, AL. An incredible feat in such a short time! This is an incredible example of the importance of research.

Thank You to Josh for spending the time of tagging the fish, and Thank You Hunter for recording the recapture and releasing for hopefully more scientific data!

For more information, visit Gray FishTag Below

Are you a recreational fisherman who would also like to get involved with tagging? Gray FishTag Research has the sole purpose of supporting the science community and their research efforts. Therefore there is no membership fee to join the tagging program. The cost for the tag applicator, tags and registration cards is the only fee to get started. If you are interested in the Mobile, AL area contact SickleFin today! If you are further away contact Gray FishTag directly!

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