Fishing Dauphin Island in 2022

SickleFin is happy to be offering numerous different fishing charter options for the new year. We are currently taking reservations for all of 2022; don't forget to book early!

We plan to run our three vessels again offering:

Research Expeditions-

Join our certified Gray FishTag Research Crews to Catch, Tag, and Release all species in

the Gulf of Mexico. We can depart from either Dauphin Island or Fort Morgan, AL.

We’ll fish within 30 miles, and you’ll be able to participate in a worldwide research tagging program. You will be able to tag, name, take photos with your catch, and release for future recapture. Upon recapture you'll receive an update of information which includes; location, date, health, and sizing data of your fish. Your tagged fish information is available online via an interactive map at Being a part of the research tagging program you are supplying valuable data to scientists and biologists for no cost on migration patterns, fish stocks, growth rates, habitat depths, and much more.

Full Day Tuna Fishing-

The name SickleFin is a direct coorelation to our love of Tuna. Sickle Fins are the long curved fins on the top and bottom of the fish. They are referred to as the dorsal and anal fins. Yellowfin Tuna grow some of the largest sickle fins of any species. As the fish get older and larger, their sickle fins also grow with the possibility of almost extending past their tail. We'll target Yellowfin Tuna, but other possibilities include blackfin, wahoo, barracuda, mahi mahi, billfish, and more.

Red Snapper Fishing-

Some of the best available Red Snapper locations are off of Dauphin Island! This allows for trips to be made in a 4 or 6 hour format. Red Snapper live on reefs, and you'll drop down 30-100 feet depending on the area to wait for a bite. Many times you'll be able to see the fish on our equipment screens, which helps the crew locate an approximate depth to let you know to let line out to. Our best advice: Make sure to reel up quick, or your snapper might be eaten by a shark!

Deep Drop Reef Fishing-

Some of the best tasting fishing come from the deep waters off Dauphin Island. From a few hundred to a few thousand, you'll enjoy our top of the line electric reels to aid in reeling. With push button action, checking to see if anything snatched your 10 lb weighted lure is easy. A variety of group species, snapper species, tile species, and some not-so-ordinary could be possibilities.

Tournament Fishing-

Throughout the area of the Gulf there are small to large tournaments. Varying from day only to month long. Our team has fished in numerous different tournaments along the east coast of the USA and within The Gulf of Mexico. Your group will have the opportunity to use our experienced captain and crews knowledge during the tournament.

If you are interested in any of the above fishing charter packages, please feel free to click the links for more information or contact us with questions and/or booking options.

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