New Artifical Reef Deployed South of Dauphin Island

The state of Alabama is very active in the Gulf of Mexico with creating and deploying artificial reefs. These reefs vary in size and composition from shaped cement to decomissioned manufacturing/marine/power equipment.

The Alabama Wildlife Federation has been actively deploying reefs about 8 miles south of Dauphin Island to create adult and juvenille fish reefs. The target was to create 26 new reefs for fish habitats. The program started in 2020, and completed in November 2021.

The last reef was a decomissioned steam plant equipment and a barge. The plant equipment was donated by Alabama Power and the barge by Cooper/T.Smith(CTS). This new reef will be 195 ft long by 35 ft wide. This reef sits approximately 60 - 70 feet below the surface.

If you book a Catch/Tag/Release trip with us, let us know you'd like to go see if there are any fish at this new reef!

Photo Credit - Cooper/T.Smith

Additional information can be found at the following links:

Cooper/T.Smith Press Release

AWF Nearshore Artificial Reef Program

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