Two of a Kind- Red Snapper Recapture

We recently got word we had TWO tagged fish recaptured at the same time. These fish were both tagged on March 8th, 2021 and released back into the ocean.

Squirrely H and Matilda were an estimated 20 in total length and a measured 19 in total length. Photos were not taken of either fish.

Why is one estimated and the other exact? This can happen for numerous reasons aboard our research expeditions. We do our best to handle the fish with care, and have it out of the water for as limited amount of time as possible. The estimated fish may have been moving a lot, and it just wasn't safe for the fish nor people to get an exact measurement.

In our Research notes, Squirrely H., had a fresh wound/start of a scar on it's head. What is amazing to see is the recapture photo, and there is clearly a healed scar on its head. Who knows how the fish received the wound, from our knowledge it didn't look like the Red Snapper received it from a predator.

Thank you to Tyson for reporting the tags to us and Gray FishTag Research. Below are the recapture photos.

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