Deep Drop reef trip

Available on all our vessels our 10 or 12 hr Reef Fishing will be a charter with the most variety of fish species. The waters surrounding Dauphin Island, AL have numerous natural and artificial reefs. The reefs create a thriving habitat for bait sized and predatory fish alike. You will be able to go out to the deepest waters on these all day trips. You will have the same amount of fishing time on each vessel, the additional hours are for travel. 

Artificial reefs have been created near the shores of Alabama, and up to 55-miles offshore. They are comprised of various items including: "decommissioned bridge spans, oil/gas platform jackets, limestone aggregate, pre-fabricated reef modules, army tanks, repurposed concrete culverts/manholes/pipes, ships, drydocks, barges"*, etc. The artificial reef program in Alabama has been the most productive in the United States. 

Hard bottom substrate is very limited along the water bottoms of coastal Alabama. The predominantly featureless landscape of sand and muddy substrates doesn't create an ideal habitat. The addition of artifical reefs has proven to be extremely effective at increasing the numbers of reef fish populations including Red snapper, Gray Triggerfish, Sheepshead, and Gray Snapper.

Depending on the time of year and what is legal to target some of the popular fish species are: Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Various Species of Groupers, Amberjack, King Mackeral, Cobia, etc. 

Whether you’re an experienced angler, or a first timer, give us a call. Let’s go fishing!

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8-hr Deep Drop on 45' Seahunter

Available 7 Days a week, weather permitting.
Gratuity not included
1-6 passengers

10-hr Reef Trip on 45' SeaHunter

Available 7 Days a week, weather permitting.
Gratuity not included
1-6 passengers

*Outdoor Alabama, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

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