Spreader Bars ✦ Jig and Pop ✦ Chunking
Spreader Bars

Spreader bars are extremely effective for tuna trolling because it mimics a school of squid. However, depending on water conditions on what is around, tuna can be picky about what colors and size they are looking for to eat. The best thing to do is have various colors and size combinations to make sure you get a bite.

Strategic Angler Trollable Lures

Strategic Angler by Merv Rubiano is a staple for any tuna fisherman. Plastic injected bodies that are through wired and hand painted add to their exceptional quality for fishing. Strategic Angler has numerous series designed to act differently in the water depending on what bait fish you are trying to mimic. The Nautilus, Mikros(sinking), Frantic, Cruiser, and Kratos series can all be trolled.

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Daisy Chains

There are hundreds of combinations for daisy chains; different color and size combinations. A daisy chain is a string of teasers, and a hook bait at the end.

The photo shows a gooney teaser with jet head teasers, and a hooked lure at the end.